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New Update: Evidence Center v.7.5

Check out the full list of changes here: belkasoft.com/new

You can try the new version FREE! Just download a trial license from our website: belkasoft.com/get.


Webinar: Investigating Computer And Mobile Artifacts With New Belkasoft Evidence Center

We finished year 2015 on a good note with the release of Belkasoft Evidence Center 2016. The new version of Evidence Center features massive updates and improvements in performance and usability, new features, and numerous other enhancements that made work with the product faster, smoother and more convenient than ever before.

To present renewed Evidence Center to our customers as well as to those who are not familiar with tthe product, we recorded a webinar. The webinar contains an introductory presentation about the product with a brief overview of its capabilities and a live demonstration of the product and its features, both pre-existing ones and those introduced in the latest release.

The webinar is available to watch free on Forensic Focus: Investigating Computer And Mobile Artifacts With New Belkasoft Evidence Center.

Try Belkasoft Evidence Center free! Download a full trial version at belkasoft.com/trial.

Free Webinar: Enhance Digital Investigations with New Belkasoft Evidence Center

Belkasoft announces an upcoming release of their flagship all-in-one forensic product. Belkasoft Evidence Center 2016 comes with a substantial number of improvements and new features that are to bring the product to a new level of convenience and effectiveness in working with digital evidence.

In the new release, we added a lot of new supported artifacts, including a significant number of mobile apps such as browsers, payment systems, messengers, and social networking apps. At the same time, we refined the interface in such a way that it is now more convenient to work with the increased amount of artifacts. In particular, we reworked artifact selection window, and added filters that allow you to sort items by text, metadata, date, or other criteria. Besides, evidence search engine was empowered and now works faster than ever.

One of the newly added important features of the product is hashset analysis (uses NSRL hash database). These and many more other changes and enhancements of the new version will be covered during our free webinar “Enhancing digital investigations with Belkasoft Evidence Center 2016”. The webinar will be conducted by Yuri Gubanov, Belkasoft CEO & Founder and a renowned expert in digital forensics.

The webinar will feature a presentation with an overview of the most significant improvements and new features of Belkasoft Evidence Center 2016, as well as questions from the viewers, answered live.

Date: November 4, 2015
Time: 17:00 UTC / 18:00 CET/ 12:00 EST / 20:00 MSK

Sign up for the webinar now and get your guaranteed free trial version of the product:http://belkasoft.com/webinar


Evidence Center 5.4 is out

We finally released this long-awaited update. We spent a lot of time developing, testing and improving this release. Well, it’s here now! Version 5.4 offers a host of new features, functionality and usability improvements, easily becoming the best Evidence Center so far. We’ve added faked image detection, recovery of destroyed SQLite evidence, Timeline view and much more!

What’s New in Belkasoft Evidence Center 5.4

Version 5.4 is an important major release, adding a wide range of new features. At a glance:

  • Forgery Detection plugin automatically identifies images that’ve been altered or modified since they left the camera;
  • Analysis of fragmented memory sets improves Live RAM analysis. It decomposes and reassembles memory snapshots to extract recently viewed JPEG images even if they are scattered around the memory dump;
  • Timeline adds a convenient aggregated view of user activities and system events;
  • Native SQLite database parsing with freelist support helps recover destroyed evidence such as cleared Skype histories;
  • Windows Registry support automatically locates and parses registry hives, extracting many types of valuable evidence.

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