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New Article on SSD and eMMC Forensics

The new publication continues the series started with an article on SSD forensics we published in 2012. We investigated the issues of SSD self-corrosion, demystified trimming, garbage collection and data remapping. Two years later, we revisited the issue. Back then, manufacturers released innovations in quick succession. 3D TLC, bigger and faster drives, the end of compressing controllers and the introduction of self-encrypting SSD drives were all big news. Fast-forward to 2016, and we have abundance of cheaper SSD models with seemingly little changes on the high-tech battlefront.

In addition to 2.5-inch models, we have seen a new popular form factor used in super-slim ultrabooks, and a new type of solid-state memory introduced by Samsung and used in many mobile devices. On the lower end of the spectrum, we are seeing eMMC chips being used in low-end Windows tablets and subnotebooks, where these chips take place of traditional SSD drives. In this article, we will try to figure out what all this means for a forensic investigator.

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