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Carving for Evidence: Why Choose Belkasoft Evidence Center

When looking for digital evidence, one has to look through a large number of files on the disk to discover just the few important pieces. Automating
evidence search can help locate evidence stored in files that were moved, renamed or deleted. This article offers a general overview of data carving
techniques used in today’s computer forensic tools, outlines benefits and limitations of the technology, and demonstrates how to use carving in a forensic
tool to discover evidence.

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New Article: Countering Anti-Forensic Efforts – Part 2

In the first part of the article we talked about the most common – and also some of the simplest – ways suspects can try to cover their tracks in an attempt to slow down the investigation. This part of the article is dedicated to some of the more advanced techniques that sometimes can really be challenging to deal with. In Part 2 we take a look at some of the possible workarounds when the data we are looking for was deleted or encrypted.

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New Article: Countering Anti-Forensic Measures – Part 1

Computer forensic techniques allow investigators to collect evidence from various digital devices. Tools and techniques exist allowing discovery of evidence that is difficult to get, including destroyed, locked, or obfuscated data. At the same time, criminals routinely make attempts to counter forensic efforts by wiping data, deleting files, faking or clearing logs, histories and other traces of performed activities. Anti-forensic efforts are not limited to just that. In this whitepaper, we will have a brief overview of common anti-forensic techniques frequently used by suspects who are not specialists in high-tech, and ways to counter them during the investigation.

What this paper does not discuss is the suspects’ use of advanced tools dedicated to countering forensic efforts. Instead, we will talk about the most common anti-forensic techniques. In this paper, we will move from easy to moderately difficult anti-forensic techniques, explaining who might be using these methods and how to counter them.

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