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Belkasoft helps Croatian police solve serious crime

One morning, we received an official looking envelope with a Croatian postal stamp. Intrigued, we opened the letter. It contained a message from the Ministry of Interior Police Administration Bjelovarsko-bilogorska of Croatia. In this message, they sent us a story of a crime that was solved by the Criminal Police Department of Bjelovar, Croatia. Why did they mail us? Because they used Belkasoft Evidence Center to solve that crime.

According to the report, during February 2014 the Croatian police worked on a case they code-named “PHOTOMODELL”. During this case of child pornography, the police was trying to find evidence against a suspect. And they did! Using Belkasoft Evidence Center to search the suspect’s several hard drives, the police were able to discover solid evidence connecting the suspect with the crime. Apparently, they gathered enough evidence for the court to convict the suspect.

You can read more about this case at Belkasoft Helps Croatian Police.pdf. Have your own story to share? Send us an email!