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Evidence Center 6.0 is out!

Great news! We released a major update to Belkasoft Evidence Center. Version 6.0 offers a major price cut (the basic edition now only costs $199) while offering a host of new features.

A major addition to this release is the ability to extract and analyze evidence from Android backups and UFED dumps. By adding Android to the list of supported sources of evidence, Belkasoft Evidence Center gets one step closer to becoming a truly universal, all-in-one forensic solution.

Now processing fragmented memory sets captured from computers and mobile devices running Linux x32/X64/PAE, Android, and Windows PAE with the improved BelkaCarving algorithm, Belkasoft Evidence Center can acquire more volatile evidence than any other tool.

The Timeline is now fully visual, enabling investigators to review suspect’s activities by simply glancing over a graphical chart. Support for new forensic image formats enables the analysis of disk images captured with many third-party tools. We have better reporting with XLSX, DOCX, and RTF format support. Windows Registry carving, better exporting, faster analysis and improved stability are also features of the new release.

There are many more features and functional enhancements in Evidence Center 6.0. Read about what’s ned in version 6.0 at

Using EnCase? Extend EnCase Evidence Gathering Capabilities with Belkasoft Evidence Center

Are you an EnCase user? You can greatly extend the product’s evidence gathering capabilities by using it together with Belkasoft Evidence Center! In this blog post we’ll tell you how to get the most out of the two forensic products.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

One of our customers has a great write-up (in Spanish) about Belkasoft products. Do check it out!

We asked Javier for a brief summary of his post in English, and he kindly provided us with one. His main points are:

Executive summary

I say it is powerful and worth it’s price, especially if you are doing forensic reports with large data sources. Compared to EnCase, it isĀ four times cheaper, but EnCase is more popular and support EnScript. EnCase could be a better purchase for a lab where there are several technicians working.